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President-Ashley Sparrow

Deb Miller-Vice President

Heather Karstetter-Secretary

Elyse Robinson- Treasurer


Mill Hall Elementary PTO Agenda

Meeting Location: Mill Hall Elementary Gymnasium

Date: March 16, 2022                      Time: 6:30pm

I.     Call to Order 

II.    Roll Call and Introductions

a.    President-Ashley Sparrow

b.    Vice President- Deb Miller

c.    Secretary- Heather Karstetter

d.    Treasurer- Elyse Robinson

III.    Approval of Minutes

IV.   Visitors Heard- Laura Weaver

V.    Reports

a.    Treasurer’s Report: Balance $28,629.46

Discuss the discrepancy with the Texas Roadhouse check-A mistake was made last month on the treasurer’s report.  The check that was written was correct, just a mistake on treasurer’s report.  

b.    Executive Committee Report- None

c.    Principal’s Report-Book Fair arrived. We will have Family Night on Tuesday, March 22 4:30-6:30.  Mr. Greninger set up Mill Hall Miles for May 18, raindate of May 20.  Amy will tell him to reach out if he needs anything from PTO. Fourth Grade promotion May 27 at 9:00 AM with virtual option and live. 

VI.   Old Business

a.    Fundraisers 

                                      i. far this year we have gotten 234 gift cards for teachers for a total of $7,290.00.  196 students have participated with $3,409.15 of products purchased giving the school a profit of $1,143.21.  Current balance of profit after that last check they sent us is $174.42.  They are asking if it is wanted again next year. We will do again next year.

                                     ii.     Scholastic Dollar Balance: $10,635.47-$100 will expire on 6/21/22 but these will be used during the book fair to purchase teacher books that aren’t purchased by families during book fair.  Amy will  use some of the dollars on the PBIS cart.  Ashley will check on cushions in the catalog.  

b.    Family Bowling Day- We had a few issues and malfunctions but overall, the kids had fun and we collected a few supplies for the art teacher.

VII.  New Business

a.    Upcoming Events

       i.     March 21-25-School Book Fair

1.    Will be set up Thursday after school so teachers can preview on Friday.  A sign-up sheet was placed in the teacher’s lounge to sign up for times.

2.    Family night will be March 22, 4:30-6:30.

3.    Amy if you can promote the Book Fair on class dojo, that helps us get an extra $200.  

                                    ii.     March 31- No School for In-service day

                                   iii.     April 1- No School for Act 80 day

                                   iv.     April 15-18- No School Spring Break

                                     v.    April-PSSAs- Deb will contact food services about PSSA snacks.Ashley will get Jolly Ranchers.  

                                   vi.     May 2-6 – Teacher Appreciation Week Gift cards will be purchased for staff.  Also lunch will be provided one day that week. 

                                  vii.     May - Mill Hall Miles – Mr. Greninger will organize.  Donation sheets will go out.  

                                viii.      May 13th- School CarnivalAshley is trying to contact bounce houses

                                   ix.     May 30- No School for Memorial Day

                                     x.    May 27- 4thgrade promotion Gift to be determined.  They will discuss if they will go to Ice Shack or have a picnic.  

                                   xi.     June 2- Last Day of Classes- Early Dismissal

b.    Fundraisers

              i.     March/April- Art to Remember- Order forms have been distributed and Orders are due online by May 28.  

VIII.        Good of the Order: Nothing

IX.           Meeting Schedule

a.             PTO Meeting: April 20, 2022

X.             Adjournment: 7:35 PM